"A powerful debut single"

BBC Introducing

Penny Whispers |   'Upside Down'

Following Penny Whispers debut single ‘Stay a While’ dubbed “a powerful debut single” by BBC Introducing, their latest track ‘Upside Down’ is raw and powerfully charged & out now.

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“Upbeat, bright and energetic blast of country/folk tinged indie-rock; rousing vocals soar above a sturdy stomp and strum while a rich organ hums - it is powerful and catchy as hell”


A fierce lively indie rock & pop mix, with fresh uplifting flair and triumphant energy not heard since the early naughties. 

New ‘’alt’ band Penny Whispers have proudly crafted a noticeably different sound with their new track ‘Upside Down’. A deep pool of genres swim together with wave of influence that creates adrenaline fuelling music.


Catchy haunting vocal riffs pull you into an inner battle that runs throughout us all, as we strive for meaning and deny unstoppable second guessing. 


Electric leads flirt with gritty undertones highlighting the irony of the tracks simple title against its musical structure. These playful lyrics join with sinister organs to create a tantalising carnival of chaos that gets right under your skin.


The track is comfortably uncomfortable, filled with immersive character that makes you say; “I need to listen to that again!”. It’s not just a beat, it’s song that breathes life back into old genres.


Combining strong melodic harmony with fierce rhythmic ambition, Penny Whispers have crafted a fresh kind of indie pop/alt rock fusion. Bringing raw high energy live performance’s to their audiences, Penny Whispers first single ‘Stay a While’ was dubbed “a powerful debut track” by BBC Introducing. 

Short Bio

If there was to be a successful new wave of New Wave (is that a thing?) Penny Whispers are fuelling it and this multi tasking duo are covering every aspect of being independent artists. 


Bringing together a jigsaw of musical style like alt rock & folk pop, Penny Whispers feature strong vocal melodic harmony underpinned with catchy hooks & fierce rhythmic ambition. 


Drawing influences from a seesaw of artists from Oasis, The Hoosiers and the earthy soul of Mumford & Sons, their music is a new kind of “Pop Fusion”. Traditional writing styles & theatrical flair join with contemporary sounds & unique voices to create a new sound very much needed in these dark times.


Originating by the seaside in North Yorkshire, Harry Bullen & Terri-Ann Prendergast met in 2015 having secured contracts working on cruise ships performing to audience’s all over the world. 


In 2020 they released ‘Wave’ described as “a radiating hope” by BBC Radio York. ‘Wave’ was a collective response to 2020 directly inspired by messages they received from their followers. They made their debut at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester & prior to this have supported artists such as Jessie J, Toploader & E17.

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